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Singer Rahul Vaidya talks to Titas Chowdhury about his latest single, Yaad teri, the response he has received and latest trends in the music scene

Songster Rahul Vaidya started his career with a music reality show a little over 13 years ago. He has made a mark as a playback singer and a prominent stage performer. Talking about his journey, Vaidya says, “Time has passed by so quickly that I have not been able to keep tabs on it. I feel like my journey has only just started. I have met a lot of wonderful people along the way.”

His latest single, Yaad teri is creating waves on social media. “It is a non-film song, there is no film branding that is happening with it. In spite of that, the song has managed to cross a million streams. I am very happy to share this news with you,” he says.

Taking us through the process and back to when the song was conceived, he says, “Me, the lyricist Kumaar paaji and my younger brother, Shreyas (Puranik), who has composed the song with me, were jamming at my place. One day, Kumaar paaji told me that my next single should be a certain way. While brainstorming, he came up with the following line, ‘Yaad teri aandi rahi, main saari raat peeta raha.’ After that, we kept jamming on the song. That is how it was made. Aise dheere dheere karke hi gaane ki shakal banti hai.

The song has brought a flood of positive responses for Vaidya, who has also featured in the music video. “When I was sending out the song teaser to people, they were asking if it was a movie or a song. They felt that it looked like a film teaser. That is the biggest compliment that I received. That is the success of our director, Siddhaant Sachdev and the effort of the whole team. Dil Se Films has done the production on the song with me. It took about four months and it has finally seen the light of day. We are very, very happy,” he smiles.

Vaidya reminisces about the ‘90s, when independent music ruled. “It was a golden era. There was Lucky Ali, Mika (Singh) paaji, Mohit Chauhan, Alisha Chinai, Sunita Rao, Euphoria and so many others. There were amazing bands and amazing songs. They will be etched in our minds for the rest of our lives. However, with social media booming as it has, indie pop is back and it is at its best now.”

About singles being back in vogue, he says, “When you are actually partying, you play non-film music. Today, there are a couple of songs like Lamberghini and Suit suit. These are all non-film songs even though the second song was used in a film eventually. It is very surprising that given a choice, consumers prefer listening to non-film songs. Films are hugely marketed and they enjoy a big canvas. But, today, there is a big market for non-film songs too. I think it is a great era for an artiste to try their hand at something they want to. There is the audience for it. It is all about destiny. If you are lucky, you will be well-received.”

Yet another trend in the music scene is that of recreations. “I am completely in favour of remixes. I think it is more a business decision than a creative one. For producers, music labels and the people who invest their money, it is an easier and a safer bet to release a song that is already popular. It does not take too much time to strike a chord with consumers. It is difficult to establish a new melody in people’s hearts. But an already popular song can easily penetrate in the market,” remarks Vaidya.

He believes that original tracks are a boon to new talent. “At the same time, I believe there should be a balance between recreations and original tracks. Let us take the example of Simmba. Aankh marey is a fantastic recreation. But I feel its love song, Tere bin could have been an original one. There is so much talent waiting for that one opportunity. And a song for Dharma (Productions) or Simmba is a big opportunity. Had they made a new song, ek lyricist ka, ek singer ka, ek composer ka career bann jaata. For me, it is a wasted opportunity. Our country is booming with talent. Why not give them a chance? Why not help them build a career?”

Giving us a sneak peek into his future projects, Vaidya says, “I have sung a song in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Panipat for music composers Ajay-Atul. It was a dream to sing for them. It is a situational song based on warriors. I am looking forward to that. By April, I should have my next single out.”

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