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As he comes out with his latest album for the film Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota, composer Karan Kulkarni talks to Joanne D’silva about the mood of the film, his process and much more

Budding music composer Karan Kulkarni is excited about his upcoming project Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota. On how he landed the project, Kulkarni says, “I have known the director, Vasan (Bala), for seven to eight years since I have been here in Bombay. Initially, we worked on some short films and advertising projects together. We also did a feature film many years age called Peddlers, which has released now. So, since I have worked with him on many films before, I came on board to compose tracks for his new film as well.” 

The musician talks about the mood of the film and what kind of music he explores. “There are lots of different kinds of music in the film; it is very varied and there are many different kinds of styles. The idea was to capture sounds of the ‘90s. Since the film deals with that time, and just for the characters, there is music from the ‘70s too. And, of course, it is an action-comedy film, so there are a lot of quirky elements in the music.”

On the process of recording the music for the film, Kulkarni reveals, “Vasan, the lyricist and I had a lot of discussions. We thought about the situations, the characters, and, of course, I read the script. This led to us lip syncing on songs from the ‘90s and the ‘70s. And, we also tried to introduce a lot of genres in our music. There is disco and R&B, which was featured in the old tracks.” 

Kulkarni shares a very good equation with the director, which helped him get the music right. “Working with Vasan is always a relaxing experience because he doesn’t meddle. If he likes something, he is ok with it. Besides, over the years, we have developed a very good rapport and working relationship. So, if he has something on his mind, he conveys it to me and I have my own interpretation of it, and somehow we meet at some level and it works out well. I think I get a little freedom and he gets the vibe he wants.” 

On the trend of recreations and independent singles, Kulkarni avers, “Honestly, I don’t have a problem with it because the recreation of tracks has been there since the beginning of music. I don’t see any problem.”

“Original music too should be promoted as much, especially now since there are so many talents in India. Independent music is great because you get to listen to new people and we get to know about new artistes. With the march of technology, people are putting out their songs on the web every month. It is good as they get the freedom to do what they want and everyone looks forward to new music,” he says.

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