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Goyenda Junior title track brings forth the concept of perfect crime – read details

In a world of detectives, director Mainak Bhaumik introduces a teenage boy who loves solving crimes and gets involved in a mind-boggling mystery which leaves the Detective Department of Kolkata baffled.

The title track of Goyenda Junior, which released today, showcases a clever mixture of flat illustration motion graphics with visuals from the film. This groovy number is sung by young talent, Sayan Mitra with music and lyrics by renowned music director Prasen will soon be the anthem for any child or teenager who wants or wishes to don a detective’s hat.

Goyenda Junior is about a 16-year old teenage orphan boy Bikram (portrayed by Rwitobroto Mukherjee), who is a crime-fiction fan with a secret crush on his schoolmate Tuki (portrayed by Anusha Vishwanathan), is unofficially hired by Tuki's overprotective Police Detective father Sanjay (portrayed by Shantilal Mukherjee) to solve the perfect crime, a murder cleverly disguised as a natural death. How do this kid and adult detective-duo prove that death by natural causes was, in fact, a murder when there is no evidence of murder or a murder weapon?

Our very own Goyenda Junior aka Bikram, though firmly believes that in a perfect murder there has to be some imperfection. Will he be successful in keeping his title and solve the murder? The film, Goyenda Junior, is releasing on September 20.

Talking about the film, Mainak said, “Venturing into thrillers is still a new concept to me but after the success of the last film, which is my debut thriller, this seemed much easier to execute. I have worked with the team of the lead cast before, so everything went quite smooth. Teen detectives are immensely popular among families and their children and before Durga Puja, I wanted to bring that flavour-that excitement to them to enjoy.”

Prasen, talking about the title track, said, “I was told to make a peppy number which will resonate to the teens of today. I am sure this song will be on everyone’s lips and will be a Puja anthem for all.”

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