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Guard It

Speaking of South Indian movies, how can one forget Boney Kapoor who’s been re-making and re-making and re-making South movies? So it didn’t surprise us when a birdie told us that Kapoor is planning to remake another South movie, this time a Malayalam film.

The film is Bodyguard and was directed by Siddique. But there’s a twist in the tale: Kapoor doesn’t want to hire the same director. He did the same with Wanted – Prabhu Deva was not the original director of the Telugu version Pokiri.

It seems Kapoor wants to use his lucky mascot Prabhu Deva, who delivered a hit for him after a long time. Quizzed about the project, Kapoor was not forthcoming and said, “Don’t write about it now, I will tell you when it happens.”

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