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Guess this big-banner film which will have to be re-shot extensively if the makers want a theatrical release?

Films are a tricky business. Many a times, what the story seems like on paper doesn’t really translate onto the big screen. Earlier, the makers would not give this much thought and would release a film even if they knew it wasn’t up to the mark. Not anymore. Every filmmaker is thinking twice about what they put out in theatres and maybe that is why this big production house is rethinking their decision on a film of theirs that has been in the making for the last couple of years.

It features popular stars in the lead roles, and was shot extensively abroad. But when the final product came to the producer, he refused to release it in theatres. Rumour mills were buzzing over whether the big banner would give it just a digital release and be done. Now it turns out they want to put it out on the big screen, but only after a major reshoot. Since the production house has had a see-saw ride at the box office, we wonder if they will be willing to pitch in for the reshoot and its post or whether this decision will be canned like the others. Only time will tell.

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