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Guess which actor is not intimidated by superstar Salman Khan?

Salman Khan is a name which evokes many emotions in fans and industry-people alike. There is love, devotion, excitement and for some new actors, there is intimidation. Many budding actors have said even though he is one of the nicest people in the industry, Bhaijaan’s persona is a little overwhelming when they come face-to-face with him let alone share screen space. But there is one young actor who feels differently.

Shashank Arora, who made his debut with the film Titli and got appreciated for his role as Kabir in the recent web-series Made In Heaven, plays Khan’s brother in the upcoming movie Bharat. Talking about the movie, Arora said, “It just happened. Mukesh Chhabra called me up one day and said that they are looking to cast someone as Salman Khan’s brother. He said that it is not the biggest part but it is there in the whole film and is nicely interwoven in the story. Bharat is a beautiful story. I don’t think there is any actor who would not want to play Salman Khan’s brother.”

When asked whether acting with Salman Khan was intimidating, he revealed, “He is a force of nature. He is not intimidating as an actor but as a person, maybe yes. As actors, we were all on a level playing field. We all came to work and created a wall by placing bricks one by one. It was intimidating to be around a person who takes so much space. You cannot deny the fact that you are working with Salman Khan and then there are 700 people ten feet away who are chanting his name. I have watched his films since I was born.”

Well, since the industry and most of the country reveres Salman Khan in the same way, we have to say that Bhai surely does rock!  

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