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Guess which director is all set to make his digital debut

Abhinay Deo has explored various genres on different platforms with films like Delhi Belly and Blackmail, along with the TV show 24, adapted from the international series of the same name. As the director gets ready to release his upcoming film, a docu-fiction called Doosra, he has already started working on his next project - this one will see him exploring the digital platform. Confirming the news, Deo told us, “After this, there are about 3-4 scripts that we are working on. Let’s see which one sees the light of day. I am not sure at this moment, but these are fabulous projects. One thing I can share is, people who are waiting for good subject matter will be given that. It is going to be back in web territory.”

He also shared on his next line-up of films: “There is something that I am working on that is completely in the action comedy space; it is a mad and ridiculously crazy topic. It is probably more in the space that people have seen in my work before, like Blackmail, Delhi Belly and stuff like that.”

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