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Guess Who?

This technician was among the best when he focused on his work. Not surprisingly, he was part of most blockbusters till he decided to get into film production. So far, so good!

Problems arose when he believed he could be an actor. Since then, not only has his technical career gone kaput but so has his acting career. Thankfully, better sense prevailed and he decided to concentrate on his core skills once again and he revived his career. But, it seems, he just couldn’t resist the lure of the arc lights.

Well, he made a film with himself as the main lead. He was very optimistic about his product and assumed that any corporate house would snap it up as his name was attached to it. So he invested in his own money and made the film. After the movie was complete, he started doing the rounds of corporate houses but he didn’t find a single taker.

Now he’s left with no choice but to release it himself. Sad indeed!



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