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Guess Who?

This BIG project was to kick off long ago but it took a long time to take off. In fact, there were whispers that this film would never be made. However, finally, the leading man allotted his dates but the film was jinxed once again and the cameras couldn’t roll. But things began to slide again as problems cropped up with the dates of the leading man and lady.

Now everything is sorted, the film is almost complete and the release date has been announced. However, the corporate house making this film isn’t too happy with the final product and is looking at two possibilities to get them a grand opening and also take the film to the safety mark.

The corporate house has decided to capitalise on two elements while promoting the film – that the leading man will be having his release after almost a year, and that the leading pair was appreciated when they worked together earlier. Apparently, this will be their most aggressively marketed film to date.

PS: Now that’s all very well for the corporate house and also for the product. But another BIG actor, who is part of another BIG venture being made by the same corporate house is not happy with this decision. This actor believes his film is bigger than other actor’s film, so the focus should be on his film. Sheesh!


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