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Guess Who?

Hahahahahha! This director has delivered successful films in the past but his last few films went sour at the ticket counter. He’s been chasing actors to be a part of his film but in vain. He decided to cast a relatively new actor but the actor has refused to work with him. Now he’s decided to launch someone with his next film. Hahahahahha!

Hahahahahha! So what does he do? He calls up some known actresses and tells them that he’s making a mature love story with an actor who’s above 40 years old. The actresses assumes it’s either one of the Khans or Kumar or Devgn, so they happily agree to meet him. Hahahahahha!

Hahahahahha! The date and time for the script narration is fixed. The narration is done. When the actress asks who the leading man is, this director shows them a photo. And what a shocker! It’s a photo of HIM, the director! Well, since no one is willing to work with him, this director has decided to launch himself as the leading man. Hahahahahha!

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