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Guess Who?

What a difference a Friday can make! When this film was announced some time ago, the main leads gushed about how delighted they were to be working with the film’s director and that his name alone was enough for them to blindly say yes to the project.

But all this was before the director went on to deliver a film that disappointed at the box office despite seeming to have everything needed to deliver a blockbuster. Suddenly, one of the stars is not so sure about the film and has demanded substantial changes to be made, going so far as to say that if the revised script doesn’t pass muster, then the makers can hunt for a new actor.

Well, we are all for actors maintaining strict quality control on the content of their films. Our only question for this star is where was this perfectionist streak when the film was initially proposed and accepted? And while we are at it, perhaps the concerned person would do well to remember the fate of the star’s own latest release! 


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