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Guess Who?

The film industry has been variously described as a casino or a circus or even a jungle. In our opinion, it is best likened to a ferris wheel, where the people who are on top and the people who are at the bottom at a particular point in time suddenly find themselves swapping positions! 

Take, for example, the passion project of this director. Some years ago, the director shot to prominence and some big stars were given narrations and expressed their interest in the film. But the project didn’t take off and, as the director’s box office performance went downhill, so did the stature of the actors that were supposed to do his film. 

Things came to such a pass that the director realised that the only way for the film to be made was basically agree to whoever was willing to do it, even if said actor had no market standing. Finally, after many false starts, the film has finally been made with an actor who was seen as a liability. 

Now comes the ferris wheel phenomenon we were referring to. While the director has pretty much remained where he was, the actor has managed to get some success from some other projects. So even though he was reluctantly signed on by the director, the actor’s new-found success is what is being pitched to studios, distributors and other potential buyers! 

Perhaps the best way to describe this story is through the song that is ruling the charts right now: apna time aayega, apna time aayega.

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