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Guess Who?

It is said that sustaining success is far more challenging than first achieving it. Even more so in our line of work, where even after delivering a hit, there is no set formula or winning process that one can follow to replicate previous successes.

This is the lesson that this upcoming production house has learnt the hard way, after its recent release quickly faded at the box office. What is worse is that the tragedy could have perhaps been averted. On seeing the rough cut of the film, the producers were given a detailed list of suggested edit changes by their co-producers, who were also releasing the film. The makers refused to carry out a single change, repeatedly asserting that they knew what they were doing and that their record – a couple of previous hits – was testimony to their understanding of the audience. Faced with this resistance, the co-producer decided to lay off and the film released as the producers had intended.

And the rest is not history, but misery!

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