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Guess Who?

Let us admit it, for all its virtues, a reputation for a strict adherence to the truth is not one of the hallmarks of our film industry. After all, we are in the business of peddling fiction and the best way to hone our skills is to practice exaggeration and misrepresentation in our daily dealings!

But even by our lofty standards of being economical with the truth, this incident takes the cake! This production house once made some massive films but a series of missteps led to its decline. Recently, a producer approached the banner hoping to get the remake rights of an iconic film they had made in their heyday. The banner’s top man told him they were not interested in giving the rights to any third party as they wished to remake it under their own banner.

Fair enough, said the producer, and stood up to leave the meeting, when the veteran producer informed him that in fact even the superstar lead of the original film had approached the banner for the remake rights so that he (the superstar) would use it as the launch vehicle for his son. The star too had been similarly refused the rights.

The producer smiled and left but was later heard snidely telling friends that when everyone knows that the production house’s current status makes it challenging for them to even approach TV actors, why make such easily exposable tall claims evoking superstars’ names?! 

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