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Guess Who?

A lot has changed in the Hindi film industry in the last couple of years, much of it for the better – the substantial improvement in the content of our films, for example, as also the increasing number of non-star films that managed to score big at the box office.

 To that list we can perhaps add a slow but steady democratisation in terms of the entry barriers for new talent. Time was (some would say that it still is!) when any star child or anyone closely connected to a star was almost guaranteed a launch pad. We were thus surprised to see this sibling of a reasonably big and active young star unable to bag any film offers. Realising that it was futile to wait any longer, this star sibling has decided to make an acting debut through what seems to be today’s magic mantra – a web series. 

Let’s see how that pans out, but for those screaming hoarse (not unjustifiably so) about the nepotism in our industry, this may be a small step in the right direction.

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