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Guess Who?

It is important to know that age-old adages are there for a reason. The saying ‘look before you leap’ goes hand-in-hand with a modern one which says ‘think before you speak’. This Bollywood actress should have kept it in mind when she was offered a brief but substantial role in an upcoming film directed by a noted filmmaker and backed by a big production house.

The actress was praised for her first film but has had no luck with even one of the few films she was offered after that and is only a part of the Tinsel Town circles thanks to her other connections. So, one would think that getting an offer even for a supporting role from a big banner would be a dream come true. And it was. The actress was almost signed for the part and was asked to remain tight-lipped about it till the news was made official. But she was heard whispering about her new achievement and, knowing the small community our industry is, her lack of discretion reached the filmmakers, who instantly dropped her for violating their stipulation.

Another actress, much more credible with her filmography, was brought on board immediately and the film was announced.

Well, some big losses indeed teach some big lessons.

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