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If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try and try again... as the saying goes. But what is one supposed to do if even those repeated attempts don’t deliver the desired result? The sensible thing to do would be to cut your losses and move on, and that is precisely the conclusion this major banner has arrived at with regard to one of their under-production films.

The film, pretty hot property when first announced, has been long in the making and has repeatedly missed its shifting release dates. To begin with, the backers weren’t too pleased when they saw the rough cut of the film and an extensive re-shoot ensued. Now it seems the makers aren’t thrilled with the way the revamped film has shaped up either, and as a result, they have apparently decided to bypass a theatrical release (and the corresponding marketing costs) and launch straight on a digital platform.

Smart move, we say. Why throw good money after bad?

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