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Guess Who?

Some movies have obstacles strewn in their path even before the final script is complete. Take, for example, this film that was announced with much fanfare not long ago. It was said that a fresh face with a known one would be part of the film and it would be backed by a producer who had started afresh after an iffy time at the movies.

But now, the producer’s iffy time has turned into a turbulent one and the film has taken a toss. Apart from that, the director is struggling regarding his leading lady. He reconsidered the newbie he was to launch but then went to a more established name to gain more attention. But the latter said ‘no’ and there was pressure from a Bollywood biggie to reinstate the original newbie.

Now the biggie might have a hand in pushing the newbie but does not want any more obvious involvement with the film to avoid fuelling rumours. With all this going on, the director is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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