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Guess Who: These two film producers are not taking steps to avoid their release date clash?

The only thing more fragile in Bollywood than a heroine’s dupatta are the egos in the industry. And, more often than not, these stories don’t have a happy ending like most of our films do! We have two filmmakers butting heads on a special holiday Friday that they have both announced their films on. While this may not be very specific, seeing that clashes are a regular feature, the interesting thing is that there is one common thread between the two.

This ‘common thread’ has asked both parties to shift their dates, hoping that at least one of them will agree but neither is budging. They have dug in their heels for now but the common thread is still trying to reason with both. While a clash is not necessarily fatal for either film, we wonder what the common thread will do, now that it is being pulled by both sides!

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