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Guess why the Avengers cast will have a reunion with actor-director Jon Favreau on Netflix?

Netflix is making sure that they cover all genres of entertainment and that is why they came up with a new production, The Chef Show. The show is inspired by actor-director Jon Favreau’s 2014 film, Chef, which was remade in Hindi with the same name in 2017.

Favreau will be hosting the show with renowned chef Roy Choi who had previously advised him with some cooking tips. It seems like the duo will be experimenting with their favourite recipes and techniques, while baking, cooking, exploring and collaborating for the episodes will feature a dinner with the Avengers cast.

Favreau also mentioned that he fell in love with cooking and food while shooting Chef and he wanted to do it again. “I am so nostalgic about that time and those experiences—this series gives me the perfect opportunity to get back in the kitchen and create some new memories,” he mentioned in an interview.

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Aside from Favreau and Choi, The Chef Show has a scheduled lineup of celebrity guests. In the trailer, you’ll see Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland. (Our Iron Man and Spider-Man fangirl hearts are soaring.) The Chef Show, which is produced and directed by Favreau, will premiere on Netflix on June 7.

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-Puja Pednekar.

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