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Gulaab Gang

The album kicks off with the rousing title track Gulaabi. Malabika Brahma and Shilpa Rao infuse this anthem-like number with tremendous energy with their distinct vocals. The chorus Gan gan gan is especially catchy. Dheemi dheemi si is a fine fusion of classical and folk. Modelled after the songs one hears at streets plays, this number is a mix of singing and banter. Singers Kaushiki Chakraborty and Malabika Brahma are in top form here.

Sharm laaj (Malabika Brahma, Pavni Pandey) is about a bunch of women having fun. Sadly, this folk-style composition ends up pretty routine and lacklustre. And although Kaushiki Chakraborty is very good in her rendition of Aankahiyaan, the track is excruciatingly slow.

Rang se hui (Kaushiki Chakraborty) is a folksy tune and possibly the most delightful number in the album. Sen composes a Holi song with a few contemporary twists and Kaushiki delivers this celebratory song enthusiastically.

Rang saari gulabi features leading lady Madhuri Dixit Nene, her mum Snehalatha Dixit and Anupama Raag. This traditional folk song uses the shehnai and harmonium prominently and the singers are earnest in their delivery. But the track feels more like an unrefined number that a bunch of ladies jamming at a wedding have come up with!

Teri jai ho is Soumik Sen’s ode to women. This gentle number encapsulates all good things about the ladies. Sen sings the track earnestly and uses the guitar as the main accompanying instrument. Although languorously paced, the gentle song is worth a listen.

The music of Gulaab Gang is a satisfactory mix of folk and the traditional. But given the strong buzz around the leading ladies of the film, one would have hoped for a more wholesome, slightly more mainstream album.

Verdict: Somewhat disappointing.

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