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Happy Hardy and Heer Movie Review: Surprisingly turning out to be a musical love triangle.

Star Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Sonia Mann.

Producer:  Deepshikha Deshmukh, Sabita Manakchand.

Production Banner: EYKA Films, HR Musik Limited.

Writer: Sonia Kapur, Bunty Rathore.

Director: Rakesh Thakar Raka.

With several unpleasant past experiences, when you go for a Himesh Reshammiya film, you walk in with no expectations. This time the prejudged mentality works in favor of the film, as Himesh and the team are all set to pleasantly surprise you throughout the movie.

Happy Hardy and Heer is a Romantic-Comedy genre movie, showcasing a triangular love story between Happy, Heer, and Hardy.

Harpreet Singh Lamba aka Happy, a turbaned Sikh (Himesh) and  Heer (Sonia Mann) are childhood inseparable friends. Happy, however, soon realizes that he is very much in love with Heer but under the impression that heer has friend-zoned him, he never gathered the courage to tell her about it. When Heer apprises Happy about her shifting to London, later he too joins her on the pretext of getting a job and settling there. Happy hopes that Heer will notice his love and fall for him as well. But Heer has other plans and the wheel of her fortune takes a different turn when she meets Harshvardhan Bhatt aka Hardy (Again, Himesh Reshammiya as a double role). Hardy who is born and brought up in the UK, is a self-made entrepreneur. Heer gets along very well with Hardy. While Happy is unsuccessful in almost everything, Hardy is a stylish successful businessman. Happy now feels threatened by Hardy and his closeness with Heer. The twist in the story comes when Heer has to choose between the two. Whom will she choose? Happy or Hardy? Is the premise of the movie.

The production value of the film is grand. The film is majorly shot in the United Kingdom. Director Raka depicts the beauty of London aesthetically. Even after seeing so many films shot in London, you'll witness an all-new London in this film. Kudos to the director and the cinematographer for the brilliant work. Getting Himesh Reshammiya to play a double role, launching a new actress as a heroine and making a tight film is not an easy task, which Raka handled pretty well. Special mention to the costume designer and the stylists' team who have equally contributed to making each and every frame a delightful to watch.

Coming to the USP of the movie, its music. Himesh Reshammiya, much known for his blockbuster hit songs and music composition for various star-studded movies, has composed a bucket full of brilliant songs for this movie as well. The soundtrack comprises of around 10 songs and all of them being chartbusters. Specially Ashiqui Mein Teri 2.0,' the rehash of his smash-hit number of the same name from 36 China Town (2006), Teri Meri Kahani and Cutie Pie are the most loved ones by the audience.

Pointing out negatives, the movie script seems to be running late with the time. The loosely crafted script narrates the done and dusted love triangle storylines on Bollywood. Its the innocence of the character Happy and some funny scenes and dialogues which glues people down to watch and enjoy the film.

Talking about performances

 Himesh Reshammiya seems to have been working hard on brushing off his acting skills lately. The hard work clearly shines on the big screen. He has played both the completely-opposite-personality characters, Happy, and Hardy, really well. He was coincidentally funny as Happy and Stylishly Swaagy as Hardy. Compared to his past movie performances, a lot of improvement can be seen in his acting. Himesh has done impressive work in this movie.

The debutante, Sonia Mann makes a confident appearance as Heer. As the movie focusses much on the male characters, Happy and Hardy, Sonia Mann does not have much in the script to showcase her acting skill. She tries but could not leave her impression. Other supporting characters play their part according to the script's demand.

Overall, Happy Hardy and Heer is a light-hearted breezy romantic-comedy-drama which you can enjoy sharing giggles watching it with your family.

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