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Happy Husbands

Happy Husbands is about four married men in search of some ‘fun’ outside their boring married lives. The film revolves around these men and how they stray despite their blissful married lives, only to realise they were so wrong!

The USP of the film is not its storyline, definitely not the hamming, certainly not the screenplay but the fact that actor Anay multitasks as director, music director, lyricist, editor, screenplay writer, dialogue writer and costume designer. Phew! Sadly, this is not enough. Anay takes narcissism to a new level, forcing the audience to watch close-ups of him throughout the film. And it’s not just that. Every now and then, the actor breaks into a song and bares his poor dancing skills and ‘90s-style music-video-like choreography.

Yes, there are other actors in the film too – Kurush Deboo, Gaurav Ghai, Bakul Thakkar, Farida and Archana. But they have very little to do. Not that that could have made any difference.

A predictable story, poor acting and vulgarity masquerading as humour are this film’s downfall. The film also drags you down memory lane, one that transports you to the B-grade films of the ‘80s. Despite the absence of any recent releases, steering clear of this film will spare you an unpalatable experience.

Verdict: Disaster.

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