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Rocking the dance floor with his latest song Tareefan from Veere Di Wedding is music composer and lyricist Qaran Mehta. Talking about this number, he says, “Rhea (Kapoor) just called me, looking for a song. She kind of asked me to play her the sort of music that I do. She gave me an open brief and said ‘do your thing and just make a song that you like’. That is essentially how this came about. So, with a wedding setting as the backdrop, the song was made keeping her sensibilities in mind.”

Mehta says this song is unique and proceeds to explain how. “Generally, my music tends to be urban, it is an acoustic thing which can be played on a guitar. It works in a club as well. It has style. The idea here was to deliver an Indian song that people could dance to in a way they haven’t danced to before because it is not your typical Punjabi song,” explains Mehta.

On his collaboration with Badshah he says, “This was the first time we have collaborated with each other. He came on board for the song and wrote his rap first. Then he obviously killed it on the mic while recording the song.”

The Hindi film industry has no dearth of music composers who are also singers but not many write their own songs. Mehta is one of the few who pen their own lyrics, just like he did for Tareefan. “Whether I do the music or write the lyrics first depends on the song. It’s a chicken-and-egg kind of situation. It is really important for me to have that one line that resonates with me, which I believe will resonate with the public. In this situation, it was the line Hor dass kinniya tareefan chahidi ae tenu that was there pretty much from the inception of the song. The whole song came out of that concept.”

The composer also speaks about how his urban music is mixed with ethnic elements. “I was born and raised overseas, so my reintroduction to music came from the Caribbean, specifically Trinidad and Tobago. When I was 14-15, my friend got me into the DJ circuit. Tareefan has heavy influences of that kind of music,” Mehta reveals.

“The interesting thing is that Caribbean music is also heavily influenced by Indian music. So, the way you dance to Punjabi music, you can dance to Caribbean music. Many genres tend to have a crossover element. Simply identifying and implementing that crossover is, what I think, interesting.”

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