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As T-Series’ latest single Pachtaoge is currently breaking records in the digital world, stars of the video, Vicky Kaushal and Nora Fatehi talk to Bhakti Mehta about the emotion behind the song and share few interesting on-set anecdotes


This trend of music video singles that has returned now brings back a sense of nostalgia from the ‘90s and early 2000s. 

Vicky Kaushal (VK): I completely agree. I am a ‘90s kid. I have grown up with pop artistes creating those singles, coming out with good music, stories, videos and songs. The best part about those is that we still remember them today. We still cherish that sound and those videos. We also remember the artistes who were part of the videos at that time. Some of them were actors who were budding at that time and then became stars. We remember that they had started with that single or that song. So there is a lot of nostalgia attached to it. I am happy that the same culture is resurfacing today and the music house, T-Series has a big hand to play in that. I am very happy that I am getting to be part of a culture that I relate to so much. And especially when I get to do it with a single like Pachtaoge, which is beautifully sung by Arijit Singh and composed by B Praak. I am happy to have collaborated on this song. 

Nora Fatehi (NF): For me, I love being a part of any project that has good music and, a good concept and obviously a great team. It could not have gotten better than this. There is T-Series, Vicky Kaushal who is one of the most celebrated actors in the industry right now, and Arijit Singh, who sings from his soul, his voice touches millions of people, in so many ways. And it is unexplainable how he makes you feel with his songs. 
It was also an opportunity for me to explore a different art and to act. That was really interesting. I learnt a lot from Vicky in the two days we were on sets together. It was a great time for me as a performer and people are really happy to see a different side of me.

Vicky, what did you teach her?

VK: I didn’t teach her anything. In fact, I learnt a lot from her. 
NF: That is not true!
VK: But let me tell you this that she is such a fun person. She would come on the sets of Pachtaoge where the scene is a little down and we are shooting for the scene where she gives me poison. The mood is full emo (emotional) and she comes in and says, “Hey guys, I had called for my Dominos pizza. Where is it?”
NF: (Laughs). Oh yes! That happened.
VK: She would come like that and I was like, ‘Wow’! Then, after that whole thing, the director would shout action and she would immediately change her demeanour and be in the zone with the lyrics going on, ‘Mujhse jo nazrein churane lage ho’. (Laughs). I went whoa! I did not know that about Nora. I tell you that it is just the tip of the iceberg that people have seen of her. It is just a minuscule part of what she has in her that we have all seen. I cannot wait for everybody to celebrate this talent called Nora Fatehi. 
NF: Thank you! It feels so great because it is coming from someone like him who is National Award winner. Trust me, I must say that it is very honourable. 

Nora, did you intimidate Vicky with your dancing skills?
I was! I was not scared or anything but I was being careful. I was like at least let me hold her like a dancer. 
NF: You thought that and you pushed me towards the chair. 
VK: I didn’t want to be abrupt. 
NF: No, but he did well. There is this last portion in the song where he has to almost throw me and I felt this has gotten too serious. (Laughs). We did that shot a million and one times and in all those million and one times, he threw me with the same intensity, the same power…

The same ‘josh’. 
(Everybody laughs).
NF: Yes! The same josh. The josh was too high, sir! It was so high that I fell across the chair also. 
VK: Nora took like some 500 turns in that shot before reaching the chair. 
NF: He did feel really bad and came to ask me if I was okay and I told him that I was fine! And then it started all over again. 

The story of the song is also quite emotional. 
You know, music is a subjective thing and for some of the songs, it’s about visuals, choreography and several other aspects. But some songs, you just know that there has to be a story for it. Like Pachtaoge, when you hear it, even if you have not seen the video and if you just listen to it, there will be something in your mind. Either it will be your story or you will have someone else in mind, but there will be a fictitious story that will be going on. That is what is great about songs like these.

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