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Here’s To Team Spirit!

Shah Rukh Khan is the co-owner of IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders and his team just can’t stop raving about him. We spoke to a few KKR players and each one of them has had a special interaction with him that fully reflects the warmth and love that he exudes every time he meets them.

Sheldon Jackson

I remember meeting Mr Shah Rukh Khan for the first time after a match. He was meeting the entire team and I was eagerly waiting for my turn to meet him. I was very nervous but when I went and spoke to him I was amazed to see that despite being such a big star, he was so humble. He spoke to me for a good 10 minutes and asked me about my life and my background. I remember he said, ‘You have come here to enjoy and in the process learn something which will help you in the future.’ The way he treats his team is just like family, regardless of winning or losing a match he always motivates the team. He is one of the most grounded men I have ever met. The way he inspires and encourages his team and the way he treats people in such an unpretentious manner is just remarkable. He is one of my all-time favourite actors and I loved him in Swades and Chak De! India.

Vaibhav Rawal 

I remember meeting Shah sir for the first time when we played at our home ground Eden Gardens, Kolkata and I was simply awestruck by his humble nature. He personally came up to each new player and interacted with us. When he spoke to me he asked me which is my favourite film starring him and I was so nervous that all I could say was Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, but I do love most of his films especially Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and the recent film, Happy New Year. He introduced me to his children also and I felt so special as none other than Shah Rukh Khan was introducing me to his family. When he talked to me he said, ‘You are like family now, so play as you please and the entire team will support you. Play with passion and have fun’. I just admire him for his grounded ways. He is a huge star yet one of the most down to earth persons I have ever met.

Aditya Garhwal

I remember meeting Shah Rukh Khan sir for the first time. It was early this year actually after one of our matches and he came in the dressing room to congratulate us. I was absolutely awestruck when I saw him as I have grown up watching his films. He is such a warm man and when I greeted him, he hugged me and kissed my forehead. It is one of the most memorable moments of my entire life. He calls me Chottu and even when we met after any match after that he would fondly ask me,’Chhake vakke maare kya Chottu?’. He is such a grounded man even after all the success he has achieved, which is an inspiration on its own. I have learned it from him that no matter how successful you get in life one should always stay grounded and humble. I remember when I watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when I was a kid and I tried to keep the same hairstyle as he had sported in the film, but I failed as I am not as good looking as him. My all-time favourite Shah Rukh Khan film is Don 2.

KC Cariappa

I met Mr Shah Rukh Khan at the first match of 2015 that our team played. He came to meet us in our dressing room and our CEO Venky (Mysore) sir introduced me to him. It was a dream come true for me and the first thing Shah sir said about me was, ‘This guy is our secret’.  And it was the proudest moment of my life. Just imagine someone like Shah sir praising you so much! I was on cloud nine. I was so excited to just have an opportunity to meet him. To be honest, I didn’t expect him to be so humble but Shah sir is the most grounded and humble person I have ever met. The way he respects not only our team members but all the cricketers in general is overwhelming. I love all his films but my all-time favourite is Kal Ho Naa Ho. I love and respect him for being the person he is, regardless of him being such a huge star. He is a wonderful human being.

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