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Here’s what Kabir Khan has to say about Amazon Prime show The Forgotten Army

Name almost any genre of the film and it's like Kabir Khan has made one of them. The project that stayed with him forever is The Forgotten Army, which he is now revisiting and making it into a web series.  

Based on Subash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army, The forgotten Army was Kabir's directorial debut for Doordarshan and it had such a huge impact over him that he then decided to elaborate the topic and make it on an augmented scale. The story has stayed with him ever since and 20 years later, the audiences will get to see the miraculous project. 

Exuding the same, Kabir shared, "This is a story 20 years in the making. The story moved me passionately as a filmmaker ever since I made a documentary on the subject. I have always wanted to tell this largely unheard story of our valiant INA soldiers, who were fighting for our country's independence in a land far away from Indian soil. Maintaining the authenticity and keeping it in check with the real setup, the show was filmed in locations that were epoch-making in relation to the events that occurred then.

Created and Directed by Kabir Khan, The Forgotten Army will make its way onto the leading OTT platform, Amazon Prime Videos and will be streaming on 24th January 2020.

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-Puja Pednekar

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