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Here's how Alia Bhatt deals with intense expectations of her looking perfect always

Stars are usually expected to look perfect at all times, but it can be quite taxing to never have a hair out of place. Refreshingly, Alia Bhatt, despite being one of the most sought after actresses today, is quite chill when it comes to looking and behaving real. She said in an interview to an entertainment newspaper that it all depends on her mood and the quest for perfection can be overwhelming only if you let it become so. 

"I don’t consider dressing up as overwhelming, as I do it as much for myself. In fact, I enjoy it. Some days, I don’t dress up as I don’t feel like it, and it is fine. It’s just a picture after all; it is not the end of the world,” Alia told in the interview to the daily.

She also said that perfection in her career is also something she is quite fatalistic about. She admitted to getting overwhelmed when her film is about to release as you are reminded of all the effort that went into making it but the film releases, all her anxiety vanishes and she says to herself, 'whatever has to happen, will happen.'

She has a clutch of films in hand - Brahmastra, Inshallah, Takht, Sadak 2 and RRR being a few. 

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