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Here's what Karan Johar has to say about the failure of Kalank

Filmmaker Karan Johar is known for some of the glitziest and ambitious projects over the last few years. His production Kalank, which was one of his biggest films yet, however failed to click at the box office despite a stellar line-up of stars. When asked about failures, he recently said in an interview to a newspaper that one must learn to deal with both success and failure. When one sees success, one must meet it with relief and move on to the next thing. As for failure, one must contemplate and learn from it. 

Speaking about Kalank, he said that he too contemplated post the film's failure and sat with director Abhishek Varman to analyse where they fumbled. He also took responsibility for the film's failure saying that since he is the creative producer and the older and wiser one at Dharma Productions, it is he whom the brunt of failure should lie on. Kalank he added was a film very close to his heart and he admits he might have lost objectivity while it was being made. However, for him Kalank is not a failure since it taught him a lot most importantly, how not to fail like this (ever again).

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