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We keep hearing about how all actors are in competition with each other, especially if they are featuring together in a film. There are issues on character weightage, screen space and even the number of lines in a two-hero film. But Shahid Kapoor showed us that not all actors are like that, with his recently released Padmaavat.

Ever since it was announced, buzz was that Kapoor’s character was not as strong as Ranveer Singh’s as the latter’s was an author-backed role. And while Singh is receiving much praise for his portrayal of Allaudin Khilji, the applause for Shahid Kapoor is not dying down either. Both actors have been equally applauded for their talent and Kapoor has also been called the hero of the film instead of a supporting star.

Kudos to Kapoor for bringing to life the role of Maharana Rawal Ratan Singh, and with such strength as well as style.

Watch this space!

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