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High-voltage Love with Urvashi Rautela and Tony Kakkar

Urvashi Rautela and Tony Kakkar talk to Manisha Karki about their latest single Bijli ki taar, the experience of working together and their upcoming projects

Bijli ki taar has crossed 22 million views in one week. How is the feeling right now?

Tony Kakkar (TK): I’m really happy that the song has received a massive response and we are also trending. The audio is going viral and people are also watching the video ardently. It is getting viral on TikTok it’s a great feeling when something one has worked on does so well as it’s like your baby. And when your baby performs well you get very happy. On a personal note, I have made myself as someone who does not get affected by success or failure. I try to be happy all the time. I get happy when I do good work. 

Urvashi, how did you come on board for the song?

Urvashi Rautela (UR): So, when I heard Bijli ki taar after which a discussion happened where they felt that according to the lyrics I am the best fit for this song. When I heard the song it was catchy and so addictive and my family members also liked it and of course, everyone likes Tony Kakkar. So it is an electrifying song and whether you are a dancer or a non-dancer, this song is for everyone. Especially at parties, clubs or dance competitions, I think this song will roar and it will be played almost everywhere. I am very happy that we have got such an amazing response to this song that in just one day we had crossed more than 11 million views and the song is up there on the charts and is trending worldwide. Bijli ki taar has a lot of specialties here apart from the music which is also amazing; we have introduced different dance forms like sneaking, locking and popping in the video because the lyrics of the songs are electrifying and so the steps and choreography is also very electric. 

Tony, how did you come up with the idea of this track?

TK: Usually people get ideas or business ideas but I get hook ideas. In my mind first, the hook of Bijli ki taar came so I develop the whole song around that. Also, I want to tell my viewers that my writing style is very unorthodox. People think it’s weird but then weird things make songs more addictive and make it big. The same thing happened with Coca-cola and Dheere dheere that in every club or party and on every dance floor it was there and I hope the same thing happens with Bijli ki taar as on day one itself it received a great response. So I think it will grow well with the support of Urvashi, she is a huge star and has massive power herself. 

UR: It is always impossible if two people do not work in the same flow. So T-series, Tony and me are promoting this song and putting it out there for the public. 

Urvashi, what was your reaction when you heard the title of the song?

UR: It is a catchy title, Bijli ki taar, it is unusual but a very nice title. 

In the song we see you ride a bike. So did you prep for it or did you already know it?

UR: It is kind of inspired by my co-actor John (Abraham) in Pagalpanti. He had this look in the film Dhoom in which he is riding a bike. In this video, it is the story of a young boy and a girl, they both meet and there is instant interaction between them and they click and start dancing together and eventually fall in love. So the entry is well directed and he wanted it in a particular style. He wanted a bike racing sequence as part of the story.

Tony, you are working with Urvashi for the first time. How was your experience? 

TK: Amazing! She is electrifying like the song Bijli ki taar. There are few performers like her, you can count them on your fingers. The way she dances in the video is mind-blowing. It is not easy the way she does so many dance forms. So it was an amazing experience. Even while shooting, the place where we shot it was hot but at night the weather was so pleasant. So overall it was very nice. 

What are your upcoming projects?

UR: After Bijli ki taar there is Pagalpanti, which is the first one to come up. It is a universal film so right from a 4 year old kid to an 80 year old person can also watch it. It is a quintessential Anees Bazmee kind of comedy, there is John Abraham, there is Anil Kapoor, so I am working with iconic people in the film. I learned a lot on sets. I have such a strong character in it and I thank my director for giving me such an amazing role. I will be doing a lot of action and dancing as well in the film.

TK: I am enjoying this phase where you just put all your energy into one song. I started as a music director but now I am moving into singles. So there are many singles lined up and they will release soon.

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