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Himansh Kohli tests positive for coronavirus

Actor Himansh Kohli who impressed us in the films like YaariyanSweetiee weds NRI and more has tested positive for Covid-19. His family were infected with the virus last week.

Himansh had earlier tested negative but he started showing symptoms again a while back.

On September 4, the actor shared the news on his Instagram account. He also said that his family is on the road to recovery.

"By god's grace and your prayers, my family has started showing signs of recovery and is getting better at a good speed. A lot of times, we think we have the best immunity, nothing can happen to us, we are a fighter, etc. and we think we are taking all precautions at a pro-level," his post read.


He further added, "While looking after my parents and sister, I started showing symptoms too and when I got checked for Covid-19 yesterday, I tested positive. I don't want to scare you all since the recovery rate is extremely high. But all I want to tell everyone is that everybody reacts to this virus in a different way. In fact, all 4 of us in the family have visibly different symptoms and effects caused due to the virus. So, don't take it lightly and do everything in your power to safeguard yourself from it. I pray that it never reaches anyone of you, but please be prepared, cause it can come from anywhere and at anytime." 

Himansh also shared three home treatments that are working for him. He wrote: "Sharing three things that are working for me as a remedy to the symptoms: First, hot water with lemon/turmeric - this along with normal water intake - please stay hydrated. Second, steam showers with one tab of Karvol Plus mixed in water. Third, multi-vitamins (especially C, D, and B12) for better immunity."

He even urged everyone to start taking precautions and wrote: "Don't wait for the infection, start taking precautions. Please take care of yourself and your family."


We at Box Office India pray for his speedy recovery 

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