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Hina Khan highlights her special connection with BB14 contestant Rahul Vaidya through THIS show!

While many know that actress Hina Khan has a beautiful voice and is a lovely singer, not many are aware that Hina was years ago part of Indian singing reality show Indian Idol.

In a candid conversation with Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rahul Vaidya, Hina revealed how back in her college days in Delhi on the insistence of a couple of friends, Hina had auditioned for a competition related to the show at one of the malls where Rahul who had just wrapped up his own Indian Idol season was a special guest and had selected her as the winner.

Speaking about their mutual love for singing & how Hina had managed to make it to the top 30 in Delhi of Indian Idol back then, Rahul & Hina shared a lovely nostalgic conversation about the memory that had connected them together so many years ago in the most unique way possible!

Inspite of Hina being one of the most prominent seniors on Bigg Boss 14 at the moment, she was very eager to share the memory with Rahul, and even told him about how excited she was to receive the prize from him for the competition. Her humble and grounded nature was warmly welcomed by Rahul who very appreciative of Hina's sweet gesture.

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