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Hitting A New High

Singer-composer Shaan talks to Suranjana Biswas about his experience composing the songs for this week’s release, Baa Baaa Black Sheep 


Embracing his new role as music composer, singer Shaan says, “Being a composer is not as easy as it looks. It is a lot of responsibility because all the songs need approval from the makers of the film. Of course, Vishwas Paandya, the director, helped me a lot. There was plenty of clarity in his thoughts whereas most other directors say, ‘hit gaana do’. (Laughs) Also, you want people to appreciate your work, which has to also appeal to the younger generation.”

He adds, “Though I am still new to composing, I have done some work as a composer before, for example, a song in the film Coffee With D. I must mention that I am not the only composer on this film; I have a group called Superbia along with Gaurav and Roshin.”

The key to success is hard work, along with fulfilling one’s responsibilities, he points out. “It is very important that the compositions are original. You cannot rip off someone’s tunes and call yourself a composer. You have to get the balance right. You have to put out something new so that people don’t feel like this has already been done. It should also have my stamp on it, although that is difficult to do with one project,” he says.

Shaan tells us what it was like to collaborate with the other artistes for the film’s music album. “It was kind of odd but luckily for me, all of us, Sonu (Nigam), Mika (Singh) and Mahalaxmi (Iyer), are friends. The first song was with Sonu and he felt that as a composer, I had the right to decide. With Mika, I wanted him to have a softer throw.”

Of all the songs, Shaan chooses to speak about the title track of the film. “Initially, I thought of getting Kailash Kher to sing the title track because when you compose a song, you have certain voices inside your head. Eventually, I found the song to be very different and I wanted to sing the song myself. The song has edgy vocals, so it will be very different for people to hear me sing a song like this. The song is quirky, aur maine thoda rap bhi kiya hai is mein.

The song Galla goriyan-aaja soniye from the film, which is a recreation, has already created a lot of buzz. “Producers and musicians are insecure. If we recreate an old song and change the sound, it might work with the current generation or not. While the original composition might take two to three listens for the audience to connect to it, a recreated song has recall value. It tends to stick with you quicker. No recreated version has ever become a bigger hit that the original though,” says Shaan.

On his future projects, he remarks, “I will be working as a solo composer now. I want to try something new.” 

Byline: Suranjana Biswas

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