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DJ Chetas talks to Bhavi Gathani about his recent music in the film Simmba and his journey to becoming a music composer

DJ Chetas, acknowledged for his Bollywood mash-ups and remixes, gave music to the two recent hit tracks Chogada from the film LoveYatri and Kamariya from the film Mitron. He is back with another ballad from the Ranveer Singh-starrer Simmba.

The musician talks about how he got on board the film. “I had done the remix of the ad film Ranveer Ching Returns, which was directed by Rohit (Shetty) sir. He liked my work at that time and asked me to try out for Simmba. Of course, I agreed immediately. I got a sense of Simmba’s character and with that in mind I made this song with my partner Lijo George. We gave the song to Rohit sir. He said he was keeping this song and I should not give it to anyone else but he didn’t revert for a year.”

He continues, “During that time, I met Ranveer Singh on a flight and asked him to listen to the song. I told him I had made that song for him. Ranveer replied, ‘This is perfect for my film.’ Six months after that day, the poster of Simmba released and we lost hope. But, a few days back, I got a call from Rohit sir’s office asking for that song. They asked me to change a few lyrics and said they were shooting the song on 3rd and 4th December.”

From starting his career as a DJ to becoming a music composer, Chetas’s journey has not been easy. “I started DJ-ing around 13 years ago and it was a struggle. I used to sit for hours in the T-Series office in the hope that I would meet someone and they would give me a song to remix. From then to now, composing music of such a level is a very good feeling,” he says.

Chetas says he was interested in music since he was a child. “My parents said that when I was a kid, I would always look for musical instruments to play with, something like a small guitar or a small drum. When I grew up, I was supposed to pursue Science but I told my parents about my desire to make a career of music. My father suggested I opt for Commerce and focus on what I liked. Thanks to my father and what he said, I am here today.”

Explaining how he creates mash-ups and recreations, the composer says, “For mash-ups, you have to have all the songs in the same key, musically. If I am making a song, they all have to be in a similar tone. After that, I rhyme the songs in a way that it has to sound like a single track. For example, I took two songs from the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and made Dilli wali girlfriend sharabi ho gayi. Here, I mixed the songs Balam pichkari and Dilli wali girlfriend.”

Revealing some details about his recent song from the film Simmba, Chetas says, “The song is called Mera wala dance and it’s the end credits song. It’s an original commercial dance number. I am sure that with Ranveer Singh on the screen, he will carry it well and take it to another level.”

He concludes, “There is another film called Good News for which we are doing a song and there is one single with Atif Aslam and its shoot will begin in January next year.”

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