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hoichoi User Interface – Now in Bengali!

Marking the celebration of hoichoi’s 1st birthday, the OTT platform announced several strategic priorities for the next year which included putting up an additional Bengali interface for its vast number of users. hoichoi has implemented their plan and have introduced a Bengali user interface along with their existing English one as an initiative to be hyper-local with its Bengali audience segment across India and Bangladesh and for the Bengali Diaspora.

Navigation options, menu options, content titles, metadata and search will all be in Bengali if one wishes to switch to that option (available on both App and Website). This also includes having the option to display different images for Content Titles for the English and Bengali User Interface.

Some other initiatives announced by hoichoi and have been implemented are: To add another 100+ hours of Original Content in 2019, of which already Hello S2, Dhanbad Blues, Holy Faak 2, Charitraheen, Taranath Tantrik, Bou Keno Psycho, Paanch Phoron, Chupkotha 2, Byomkesh S4, MisMatch 2 and others are live.

The platform has also released its first Bangladesh Original Series titled Dhaka Metro in April followed by Money. hoichoi has also launched in Bangladesh with local payments and have added Android TV and Roku to its repertoire of existing devices.

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-Manisha Karki 

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