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How Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau showed their deep friendship at an annual Gala in Chicago

The Gene Siskel Film Center’s annual Renaissance Gala, honoring producer-writer-actor and director Jon Favreau was an event to remember.

Billed as “Marvel, Movies and More: Honoring Jon Favreau in Conversation with Robert Downey Jr.,” the event held in Chicago showed the bond that Favreau and Downey Jr share.

At the red carpet, The Lion King director spoke to the media present there and said about his Iron Man series hero, “He’s my brother.” He further added, “It’s a relationship of mutual respect. We’ve been the president of each other’s fan clubs for a decade now. Through our work together, we’ve grown side by side. We’ve believed in each other throughout the entire process.”

Favreau has directed and acted in Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Favreau continued to act in other Marvel Comics Universe films too and was last seen in his buddy’s film Avengers: Endgame.

The two continue their working relationship with the Netflix series The Chef Show which will air this November. Downey Jr. spoke about it and said, “It’s like the closing night of a show. It’s our ‘Lion King’ moment.”

From what we hear, the Tony Stark aka Iron Man actor was championing for his friend throughout the evening of the gala. He told to people present there, “Jon isn’t into talking about himself, but with The Lion King, this is the year of Jon Favreau.”

And of course, Favreau quickly responded, “If you consider me a strong director, it’s because of my relationship with Robert. He came fully realized as an actor, whereas I didn’t come fully realized as a director.”

It seems that their friendship is surely more than 3000.

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