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How Varun Shashi Rao became a part of Butterfly

Varun Shashi Rao makes his debut in Kannada films with the Ramesh Aravind directorial Butterfly. In an exclusive interview with Box Office India, he spoke about how the film came about and how he became part of the Kannada and Tamil remakes of Queen.

"One of my friends knew the people who were making the Queen remakes. They were looking for the boy who would play Rajkummar Rao’s character. After my friend referred me, they looked at some of my ads and called me to audition," he said.

When asked why did he choose such an unconventional role for his debut, given that he has a very sweet and affable image in the advertising world, Rao said, "When this film happened, I was burning inside to work in feature films. I had been wanting to qualify for feature films for a while. And this feature film debut would give me shades of grey, playing a character that was different from what I had been doing was a big challenge."

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Check out the video of the conversation.

The Kannada version Butterfly stars Parul Yadav in the lead role, while the Tamil version Paris Paris has Kajal Aggarwal as the protagonist. Both movies are directed by Ramesh Aravind. The films are produced under the Mediente banner.

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