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Hrithik Is Indian Avatar

The pre-production of Shekhar Kapur’s magnum opus Paani is being carried out with a confidentiality and intrigue that would not be out of place in a secret service mission!

However, Box Office India has managed to get the inside track on what’s really happening with the project. While various names have been floating around as possible leads for the film, and there is also a buzz that the film will feature only newcomers, take it from us as confirmed that Hrithik Roshan will be top-lining this international film.

The even bigger scoop is that the whole film will be shot in 3D a’la Avatar. Yeah, you heard right. Not only will this be an international film with Shekhar Kapur directing and Hrithik in the lead, it will also be in 3D! Which leads us to wonder, how much is all this going to cost?

We tried getting in touch with Shekhar Kapur to confirm this news but he was untraceable.

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