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"I don’t like love stories"

Gul Panag on her latest film Fatso and her co-stars in the movie

What is your next film Fatso all about?

The film is about five characters, three men and two girls …one of the guys is fat and is called Fatso played by Ranvir (Shorey). My last release was Turning 30 and I have always attempted to do films that I’d like to see. But there is a lot happening in my life besides films. So if I have to stop everything to do a film, it had better be a good film!

I play a girl called Nandini, whose character is very different from the other roles I have done. In all my other roles, I’m very head-strong and on some kind of mission. But inFatso, I’m just existing. She is one of those girls who is unaware of how good-looking she is and the effect it has on the guys, which I think is very sexy.

Fatso was earlier called A Rectangular Love Story

Yes, we began with that name but after it was delayed, it was called Fatso. As an actor, it can get very frustrating but you can only do so much. A lot of things determine the release of a film.

What are your criteria for choosing a film?

I don’t have any criteria in particular but I always look at who the director is. Like, if Anurag Kashyap were to offer me a role, I would do it as I love his work. It’s the same with Rajat Kapoor, the director of Fatso. I have been a big fan of his acting and his direction, and I was looking forward to working with him.

Actually, when Rajat came to me with a love story (Fatso), I told him that I don’t like love stories. I feel there are many other things in life besides love. But I read the script and was curious to know how he would deal with the situations as ‘love’ is only in the background. But there are many other things to the story.

What was it like working with Ranvir Shorey?

Ranvir is like a livewire and you have to be on your toes all the time. He might just surprise you with his acting skills and you wouldn’t know how to take the scene ahead.

You worked with Purab (Kohli) in your last film. What was it like working with him?

Purab and I are buddies, and you always enjoy working with friends.

Can one fall in love with a fat person? Are looks important?

Anyone who says looks are not important would be lying. Looks draws two people together but each one should have something that would keep them together.

Which films are you working on next?

I’m the only actress in the sequel to Ab Tak Chappan. After that, I have done another film but I can’t talk about it. I am also in talks with Kalpana Lajmi for her film.

You have evolved as a brand with films, bikes and also an adventure sports company.

It makes sense. If my only profession were acting, I wouldn’t have been able to do the kind of films I wanted to do. After I die, I don’t want to be remembered only as an actress. I have a well-rounded life, from where I draw loads of experience, which is helpful when I act in films every now and then.

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