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I Feel Like A Debutante: Priyanka Chopra

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who unveiled her debut international music single In My City, is both thrilled and nervous. She says it’s a dream come true for both herself and her father Dr Ashok Chopra, who longed to see his daughter become a singer.

With In My City, featuring popular American singer Will.I.Am, Chopra makes her debut as international singer. The song she launched In India yesterday will be launched internationally at the National Football League (NFL) in the US on Thursday Night on NFL network. Chopra’s debut single will be available across all physical and digital platforms exclusively on Universal Music.

Here’s what the excited actress-turned-singer has to say…

How did this project happen?

I was shooting for Saat Khoon Maaf with Vishal Bharadwaj in Kashmir when Universal came to meet me. I took it as a joke but somehow my friends and managers made me meet them. I was also wondering how they got to know about it. Then they told me it was Salim (music director), with whom I have worked, who told them I could sing. So, thanks to Salim, I am making my international debut as a singer.

Dream come true

My parents were very emotional when they heard my song. This was my dad’s dream. He was not that happy when I became an actor, nor was he as thrilled with the awards I have won as he is today. He is all dressed up and looking dapper today.

Inspiration of her life

My father is an incredible singer. I am overwhelmed that my family and friends are here. I feel like a newcomer! I feel the way I did when I worked in my first film. I grew up listening to music with my parents. My father used to listen to Mohammed Rafi and my mother used to listen to international music bands like the Beatles and Metallica. That’s where I got my love for music.

Desi Girl

Though the song is in English, the heart of this album is Indian. It is a desi girl album. We will be shooting the video soon and are currently planning the album. We will try to add some Bollywood elements to it, as I feel the West should learn some more about Bollywood.

Never thought of becoming a singer

I never thought I would be a professional singer. But, then, I never dreamt I would become an actor. I had planned on becoming an engineer. I have never sung professionally before and I can’t believe this is my event.

Huge honour to launch at NFL

It is a huge thing for an Indian to have a launch at the NFL. It is a huge honour to have this one-and-a-half minute version there. No Indian has done that. It is surreal.

Planning for live shows

I am not prepared for live shows and it makes me very nervous to think about it. I love performing but when I reach that level, I will do live shows. This is just one song we are launching. When we launch some more, we will plan some live shows. This is just the beginning of my journey in the world of music.

Will she make her playback debut?

I don’t know, it’s just the one song, there are more in the album. You never know, I may soon sing for my film.

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