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Impatient Vivek

Impatient Vivek, a romantic comic caper (as tagged), will test your patience for two full hours. From the storyline to the acting, music and duologue, everything fails miserably as there are countless loopholes. Even the cinematography and background score fail to salvage the film from being a painful experience.

Vivek aka IV, falls in love with Shruti in the scenic locales of Goa. After she gives him the cold shoulder, a dejected IV returns to his hometown in Rajasthan, only to bump into her two years later. To ‘win over’ his lady love, IV kidnaps Shruti on her wedding day. Several twists and turns form the second half of the film.

To start with, director Rahat Kazmi presents us with an unconvincing plot. All the capers, which are meant to entertain, actually rip the film apart. For instance, the kidnapping scene looks immature and does not generate any anxiety in the audience. Worse still, the story does not connect with Youngistan, especially since it centres on two young people belonging to the affluent section of society.

Also, the film could have been edited to exclude some songs, especially the romantic number between the supporting actors. As far as cinematography is concerned, it is just about okay. To inject humour, the director has tried to mix various mundane storylines and clichéd jokes. But the result is a haggard narrative with absolutely nothing to rave about.

A good actor can sometimes salvage a film but not in this case, Even including a known face like Muni Jha does not help. Alternatively, debutant Vivek Sudershan takes his character – and the film – two notches lower with his appalling acting. His gestures, expressions and dialogue delivery, simply do not fit the bill. As for Sayali Bhagat, she is passable. Rounak Ahuja and Charu Asopa are a tad better than the main leads.

Verdict: Dull.

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