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India's Most Wanted opens to good junta reviews; expected to pick up business over weekend

India's Most Wanted, that released this Friday, has opened at the box office with Rs 2.10 crore. The film stars Arjun Kapoor in the lead as Prabhat, an intelligence officer whose life's motive is to serve his country. The film released with positive buzz and more importantly, people who came out of the theatres are praising this thriller. Even though the film has had an average start, it is expected to grow in numbers over the weekend thanks to strong word-of-mouth. 

India's Most Wanted, inspired by true events, is the story of a team of intelligence officers who got together and successfully carried out a mission to catch a terrorist named Yasin Bhatkal, also known as India's Osama. The director of the film, Raj Kumar Gupta's previous release Raid, a drama inspired from true events, was a Rs 100-crore hit last year. Let's see how much this weekend brings for this film!

The film is produced by Fox Star Studios, Raj Kumar Gupta, Myra Karn. 

India's Most Wanted 1st Day
Circuit NBOC
Mumbai 60,00,000
Delhi UP 45,00,000
East  Punjab 25,00,000
CP 12,00,000
CI 8,00,000
Rajasthan 11,00,000
Nizam 10,00,000
Mysore 13,00,000
West Bengal 13,00,000
Bihar-Jharkhand 6,00,000
Assam 2,00,000
Orissa 2,00,000
TNK 3,00,000
Total 2,10,00,000


- Bhavi Gathani

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