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Induja all set to impress with Boomerang

Atharvaa Murali, Induja and RJ Balaji in Boomerang

Director R Kannan has impressed with his his choice of cast for his films. Be it remakes or original scripts, comedy or romantic films, any genre and any kind of film, he has always managed to get his cast right. His upcoming film Boomerang isn’t an exception. The film stars Atharvaa Murali and Megha Akash in lead roles. Though the limelight has been on these two actors, another member of the cast is making an equally impressive impact.   

Induja plays a pivotal role in the film and Kannan is impressed with her work. “ Induja made my job easier with her spontaneous performance in every sequence. She inhales the inmost quality of her characterization and exhales the best out of it through her performance,” says Kannan.  

It is no surprise that Kannan is praising the actress so much. She made a mark with her performance with her debut in Meyaadhaa Maan and also the recently released silent thriller Mercury directed by Karthik Subbaraj.

A still from Mercury

Talking about her character in the film Kannan says, "The script has so much of prominence to a lead role besides Atharvaa Murali and Megha Akash. As the script progresses to the next point, it needed an actor, who would effortlessly yet intensely deliver it.  Having watched Induja perform diversified roles in couple of movies, she naturally became our immediate choice for this characterization.” 

An action-thriller Boomerang is close on the heels of completing the post-production work. The film is scheduled for release in August. Details of the trailer and music launch along with the release date is expected to be announced soon. 

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