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International Filmfest Emden-Norderney

June 3-10, 2015


What’s It All About?

The 26th edition of the International Filmfestival Emden-Norderney has established an audience for true-to-life and story-driven films. Founded in 1990, the festival is located close to the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage site in the North Sea. IFF Emden-Norderney is also one of the highly-regarded meeting places for numerous representatives of the German and North-West European film industry.

The festival’s main focus is on current feature-length productions and shorts from northwestern Europe. It has presented more than 100 films on eight screens, by filmmakers from all over Europe.

The programme of films includes new films from German-speaking countries, portraits of directors and actors, international highlights and discoveries as well as short films, and is completed by a programme of children’s and family films.

Watch Out For!

Opening Film:

Mr Holmes

The plot revolves around a 93-year-old, long-retired private detective Sherlock Holmes. He stays in his house in Sussex where he tends to his bees and bickers with his reclusive housekeeper Mrs Munroe. His physical and mental abilities are rapidly deteriorating, a nightmare for the once sharp-witted master of combination. Looking back at his life, Holmes is haunted by fleeting images of his last case, which concerns a young and beautiful woman whose life came to a tragic end. It is only with the help of his housekeeper’s young and quickwitted son Roger that Holmes finds new joy in life and is able to confront the demons of his past.

Feature Films

The feature dramas will also include films relating to children. The list is as follows:

Little Raven 2 - The Great Race

Shaun The Sheep - The Movie

Doctor Proctor Pupspulver

Rico, Oskar And The Herzgebreche

About A Girl

A Gift From The Gods

Citizen Four

Heart Of A Lion



The festival will end with the Engelke Short Film Awards presented by Sparkasse Emden. The winning film will be screened as the closing film of the festival.

Awards & Felicitations

The festival features an extensive programme that is supplemented by workshops, film conversations, talk shows and gala events for the opening and awards ceremony. A sum of € 50,500 is awarded during the course of the festival’s film competitions where winners will be decided by the audience. The Screenplay Award, which amounts to € 12,000, will be decided by a selected jury of experts. This year, producer Alicia Remirez and actor Maxim Mehmet has joined the panel of jurors nominated by the Grimme Institute.

In addition, the DGB Film Award for a socially relevant film (€ 7,000), the NDR Film Prize (€ 5,000), the AOK Film Prize (€ 5,000), the Creative Energy Award (€ 5,000), the East Frisian Short Film Award (€ 4,000) and Engelke Short Film Prize (€ 2,500) will be awarded.

Anna Maria Mühe will be honoured with the Emden Drama Award with a cash price of
€ 5,000 for her outstanding acting performances in films such as Novemberkind, Alias Luna and Love In Thoughts.


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