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It’s Time To Party

Singer-composer Parichay is suddenly in the news for his two recent hits in Loveshhuda

Indo-Canadian singer-composer Parichay, relatively new on the film circuit, has struck a chord with two of his recent party songs Peene ki tamanna and Dono ke dono single, from the upcoming film, Loveshhuda. He has composed four tracks for the film while the other two have been composed by Mithoon. About the tracks, Parichay says the flavour of Loveshhuda is quite young and vibrant and hence the soundtrack has a contemporary sound.

“I met Girish (Kumar, actor) through a mutual friend. Since I wanted to compose for Hindi films, I discussed it with Girish and sent him some songs, which he liked, and then he told me about Loveshhuda. I played two singles, one of which was the song Dono single, which was later renamed Dono ke dono single. He liked the song and it fit into the beach party situation in the film. The song was picked up instantly, and we tweaked some lyrics and polished the music to suit the flavour of the film,” says Parichay.

The singer, who is well-known in the non-film scenario for his club anthems, says the transition from non-film music industry to films is like entering an altogether different world. “Composing for non-films songs is based mainly on your own creativity and style and the song generally has a story of its own to tell. But with film music, everything has to revolve around the plot. It is quite challenging to create music around a set story,” he adds.

Parichay says he doesn’t want to limit himself to party anthems and wants to try his hand at other contemporary genres, including romance. The singer-composer admits that after the release of Peene ki tamanna, he is being offered several projects, but it is too early to reveal anything.

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