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It's Ha Ha Time

If sources close to Subhash Ghai are to be believed, the showman is miffed with Irrfan (the actor recently dropped ‘Khan’ from his name). The reason: Irrfan refused to promote Right Yaaa Wrong, which released this week.

After watching the rough cut a few months ago, Irrfan felt the director had given too much screen time to Sunny Deol. Alternatively, Irrfan felt his role should have been more prominent. But Ghai refused to budge.

When we quizzed Ghai, he refused to say much except that, “Irrfan did a wonderful job in Right Yaaa Wrong claims media in their feedback. Though he kept telling me after the first cut that he has been a let down in his role by the director. And I keep smiling till date.” Ghai even included a “ha ha” in his SMS to us.

By the way, Right Yaaa Wrong is Sunny Deol’s first film to release in Pakistan in as many as 21 screens.

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