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Jab Two Perfectionists Meet

The newspapers went ballistic over Hrithik Roshan rehearsing his dialogue at midnight, thanks to his father’s penchant for perfection. Now listen to this from a birdie who was present on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish.

According to our source, Bhansali had given Hrithik his lines for the climax scene, which was to be picturised on January 12. The cameras were ready to roll but Roshan didn’t turn up for the morning shoot till afternoon.

A perfectionist himself, Hrithik told Bhansali he was not confident of carrying off this vital scene, not just yet.

Bhansali asked him to perform anyway, saying they could take a decision later. But Hrithik would have none of it. He said he would return later when he was ready.
Our source adds that the scene was finally picturised the next day and everyone went “clap clap clap!”

As they say, allz well that endz well.

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