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Jab VFX Meets Content

It is a well-known fact that the three Khans of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan – have already booked the three major festivals of this year, way in advance. We will see Salman Khan gracing his favourite weekend of Eid and coming out with Race 3. Next will be Aamir Khan, who will follow his 2017 tradition of releasing a film on Diwali and will be seen on the silver screen in Thugs Of Hindostan. And, lastly, closing the year will be King Khan himself with his next film Zero that will hit theatres during the Christmas week.

What is not known to everyone is that these three films have something very important in common. That is VFX. They will see heavy visual effects, starting with Race 3, which will set a new trend for VFX in the thriller genre. Thugs Of Hindostan will be in post-production for quite some time, making sure that the final product will have even Hollywood take notice of it. As for Zero, well, what can we say when Shah Rukh Khan himself said in an interview recently that the VFX in this film will make it the most advanced movie in the world.

Looks like we are in for lots of visual treats this year!

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