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Jacqueline Fernandez recalls her first day on the sets of Mrs. Serial Killer - read details

Jacqueline Fernandez is an actress who has always had an enchanting essence to herself in her films and has simply captured the hearts of the audience with her magical performance on-screen. She is also known as Bollywood's sunshine girl for the positive vibes she gives about herself.

However, with her new role, the actress had quite the fork on her road to acing the distinctive character in the film. She experienced and explored new things in acting which allowed the actress to thrive and prosper in her skills. She successfully surpassed her previous limits which really opens up new avenues for her.

Jacqueline says, "It was quite intimidating at first, especially on the first day on set. And when I found out that Manoj Bajpayee was in the film, I was like, “Oh no, I am so screwed”. We shot for two months continuously. I have never done that before because I never have had that much to do in a film."

With her new release of Mrs. Serial Killer, the actress has astounded all of the audience and the viewers with her enticing dark character in the film. Jacqueline has proven to the Indian film industry with her new character on-screen that she is serious about her adaptability to characters. 

The actress has worked hard and taken it to the next level with her new film and the viewers just await for how she will astonish them next. She has proven her versatility and has displayed to the viewers that anything can be achieved if it is worked towards with scorching dedication and blazing passion!

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